Factory Demos For Sale
Challenger II's:
Light Sport
Clipped Wing
Long Wing

Quad City needs more room in the hanger for new stuff so these demo Challengers are for sale. They all qualify as Light Sport Aircraft and can be flown with a Sport Pilot License.

Contact Dave at the Challenger factory: DaveatQCU@aol.com or 309-764-3515

N12QC Challenger II Light Sport Special Factory prototype. Less than 100 hours total time. Pictures and details on our web site here and here. Has all the goodies. $20,000.00 as is.

N12QC has been sold to a good home! If you want to fly the latest Challenger Light Sport there's a lot of advantages to assembling your own from a quick-build kit . The project is easy and enjoyable plus you'll save tons of money now on acquisition and in the future on maintenance. You can get the whole kit at once, or the airframe first and the engine later, or in four easy pieces as budget permits - tail, wings, fuselage, engine. Contact us for details.

N5QC Challenger II Clipped Wing Special This is Dave's personal toy. Highly modified. It's a one of a kind with a square shaped rear fuselage a la Piper Cub style. Originally built in 1988. Fuselage redesigned in the late 90s. 503 Rotax engine has about 500 hours or less. Has basic instruments, 6" wheels and QCU brakes, wheel pants, flaperons, SS strut fairing, you know, the usual goodies. No electric start or battery. Rear of wing and root tube raised to swing 66" prop. Has 60 x 44 prop on it but 66" two blade Warp Drive also comes with it. This Challenger flys great. Paint could use rejuvenation but airworthy as is. $15,000.00 firm.

1984 Challenger II Long Wing Needs new sails - wheels, brakes and other stuff negotiatable. Has old Hirth 2703 point motor but will sell without engine. Make an offer and come haul it away. $6000.00 as is.

Comments by Bryan Quickmire: I got to fly both N12QC and N5QC at the 25th anniversary celebration at Erie Airpark. N12QC is a typical Challenger Light Sport - excellent performance and responsive handling with feet on the floor. I was truly impressed by the huge number of improvements large and small. The giant tail is just the tip of the iceberg! N5QC is very light weight and the mods to the back end make it a feet on the floor flyer - performance is excellent and handling is delightful. You can actually fly both these Challengers easily without a yaw string or a ball!

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